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In this blog series I am telling the stories of 100 of my favorite images, how I came to be there, what it was like and why I still enjoy the image. For image 15 of the series we are exploring the forests of Barrington Tops NP, NSW

MossMossBarrington Tops, NSW.


8 August 2009. Barrington Tops NP, NSW. Australia

In 2009 my wife and I were starting to settle into life as parents but things were still hectic as I was travelling a lot with my work. When my wife was to go away for a weekend with our daughter you'd expect that this would be a good opportunity for me to take a rest. Well, no. Instead I decided to head out to Barrington Tops. Ever since we had moved to Newcastle in 2002 I had wanted to explore the Tops but it is still a fair distance away from Newcastle and the park is so vast that you can't cross through it except in a 4WD. I also found it hard to determine where to go for the best photography but with an empty weekend schedule I decided on the 'Williams River Day Use Area' mostly because there were toilets there! Without knowing what quite to expect I packed the car and made the 2 hour drive, when I got there I was happy to find that it is like most Australian National Parks and had a sign detailing the local bushwalks. I picked the Williams River walk and set off.

Beautiful forest scenes were all around and so the challenge was deciding on what scenes to spend time on. I could have spent days making every image that came to mind but with limited time I started to get a feel for what I wanted to express about this ancient land. The trees were particularly spectacular but difficult to photograph, with a wide angle lens any attempt to get the whole tree into the frame would reduce the sense of size that these wonderful trees have. When I walked past this single large tree that stood in front of many smaller trees I wondered that maybe I didn't need to get the whole tree in the frame to display the sense of size. Instead I made an image of the single large tree in the foreground with the many saplings in the background for scale. The size and age of this tree now becomes apparent.

What makes this image special for me is not only how is depicts scale but life, there are new, young trees in the background, an old moss covered trunk in the foreground and in the subtle mid-ground there is a fallen trunk slowly being returned to the earth.

Creating fine prints is my favorite part of photography, sharing the ultimate expression of an image with someone who will cherish it for years to come brings me great satisfaction. If you would like to purchase a print please contact me, prints from this series start at just $100.


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