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In this blog series I am telling the stories of 100 of my favorite images, how I came to be there, what it was like and why I still enjoy the image. For image 18 of the series I am looking at an image that tells the journey at Elabana Falls, Springbrook NP QLD.

JourneyJourneyElabana Falls, Springbrook NP QLD.


2 May 2010. Elabana Falls, Springbrook NP, QLD. Australia

Good images show the destination, great images show the journey. Increasingly, I was taking longer and longer journeys to create my images and I was starting to realise that it was the time exploring nature that was providing most of the enjoyment that I gained from photography. In 2010 I was travelling away for work regularly, those who do not travel for work might think that this is a great opportunity and while it is, balancing a work travel schedule with your personal life takes its toll. Escaping this situation requires effort and on this particular weekend I knew that I had to escape into the wilderness so I hired a car and left the city with nothing but my camera gear. The Gold Coast is know for its stunning beaches but the Gold Coast hinterland is also well knows for its stunning rainforest and after a stunning drive up twisty rainforest lined roads I found that national parks to be full of opportunities.

I selected Elabana Falls as an ideal destination and while I maintained a brisk pace to arrive with time capture the falls I was able to stop and take in the scenes along the forest path. Getting to this location requires a leap of faith, you can see the falls from the end of the path but the best images are made closer to the falls. To get there you need to clamber across rocks, secure all of your gear to your backpack, steady yourself and in 1, 2, 3, leap! Once you have cross a chasm between boulders that block the entrance to this location you can clearly see that the water makes its own journey through these falls. Each drop of water makes its own unique journey through the falls, a journey that makes for a spectacle to be enjoyed.

Creating fine prints is my favorite part of photography, sharing the ultimate expression of an image with someone who will cherish it for years to come brings me great satisfaction. If you would like to purchase a print please contact me, prints from this series start at just $100.


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