I've been working on an artist statement for some time now. I started out shooting everything but eventually settled on a certain type and style of photography, but what was it that I liked about the style I took? Well it took a long time and a lot of research to really delve into what I like and why. Then it took even longer to put it into a coherent statement, please let me know what you think and as always I love to hear what you think about my work!

My goal is to create fine art from the tranquillity of the world around us. I want to create something that you are proud to display and which stirs your emotions over and over again. Photography is my medium. I love the way it combines artistic skills and technical abilities – only someone who has both can create a fine art photograph.

I love exploring the world around us and relish the fleeting moment when the elements of land, light, and weather combine in serene beauty. Finding and preserving these moments inspires me to explore further and to capture more of these perfect crystals of time.

2015-1184-Edit.jpg2015-1184-Edit.jpgNightcliff, Darwin NT. My primary influence is my family and artistic abilities stem from my mothers’ side, my grandfather  was a water colourist, painting landscapes of the places dear to him. Although he passed away before I was born, his images adorned our home and subtly influenced my own artistic styles and choices. My sisters artistic talents were obvious early on, but I grew up thinking I had missed out on that particular gene!

My father has always been technologically minded. We bought into the latest gadgets at the earliest opportunity and everywhere we went he had a camera to document our childhood adventures. We spent hours together tinkering with the car or the latest computer he’d bought home and he saw to it that I had a compact camera of my own at age 10 and an SLR at age 18.

In the film era I had admired a great number of landscape photographers but failed to achieve their level with my own photography. It took a digital camera to unite my artistic and technical abilities.

I admire photography over other artistic mediums because of the fundamental knowledge that the subject of a photograph actually existed. Some artistic license must be taken though; how can a photograph communicate the power of the waves, the bitter cold of the winter chill or the charm of birds chirping in the trees? Subtle manipulation allows the photographic artist to transcend the two-dimensional print and evoke emotion in the onlooker.

2015-0292-Panorama.jpg2015-0292-Panorama.jpgMt Isa, QLD. My style is one of chaos and complexity; it manifests itself in the most intricate details or in multi-layered compositions that only a camera can produce. I find that the placement of the camera is the key to creating true art from landscape photography and this is one of the few things over which the photographer has control.  I take care to find scenes with many different elements and then place the camera to align those elements precisely in relation to each other.

I routinely adjust the colour balance of my images to portray the temperature of a moment. I use contrast and saturation adjustments to accentuate colours and draw attention to parts of the scene. I darken or lighten specific areas of an image to draw the eye around the picture, utilising length of exposure to create or reduce detail and portray motion.

I also strive to leave the viewer guessing. Adorning the dining room at my childhood home sat a painting of a shack overlooking a rolling outback landscape. A road curved around the front of the shack and then disappeared from view only to reappear in the background. Many arguments were had over where the road went and I loved how something that was not actually present in the image was imagined and interpreted differently by each viewer.