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Dark and Stormy On Dripstone Beach

I just got my film back from the Dripstone beach shoot and there was a pleasant surprise in the negatives. I was really impressed with how dark and moody this long exposure image is! It’s similar to another shot that I’ve posted from a digital capture but there is great feel to this image.

2017-02-09. Dripstone Beach, Darwin NT.

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Long Exposure and High Tide at Dripstone, Darwin NT.

It was well and truly dark by this stage but I stayed put for one last exposure. This was taken on the landing of the stairs that you use to get down to the beach, with the sun gone I didn’t have to contend with people walking up and down the stairs and shaking the camera!

2017-0080. Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT. Australia

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Sunset light on Dripstone Cliffs. Darwin NT Australia.

When the tide is high the water brings in a lot of sea shells but on this shoot it was the first time that I’ve seen the effect that the shells have on the out going water from the waves. These were really difficult to photograph because you’d get set up in a spot to photograph a nice cluster of shells then a large wave would come through and move them all into a different spot! I was really happy with this one shot, especially how the sun was poking through a hole in the clouds to light up the cliff in the background.

2017-0049 Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT. Australia.


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Dark, Stormy Sunset At Dripstone Cliffs – Darwin NT

Great clouds on the horizon last night, it was really dark at this stage but I wandered a little further away from the car to find these pools of water on the beach. Love their pattern! Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT.

2017-0044 Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT

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