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Dark and Stormy On Dripstone Beach

I just got my film back from the Dripstone beach shoot and there was a pleasant surprise in the negatives. I was really impressed with how dark and moody this long exposure image is! It’s similar to another shot that I’ve posted from a digital capture but there is great feel to this image.

2017-02-09. Dripstone Beach, Darwin NT.

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Dark, Stormy Sunset At Dripstone Cliffs – Darwin NT

Great clouds on the horizon last night, it was really dark at this stage but I wandered a little further away from the car to find these pools of water on the beach. Love their pattern! Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT.

2017-0044 Dripstone Cliffs, Darwin NT

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While I Was Waiting

I’d finished up shooting and walked back to the car park, my wife was going to pick me up but she had not arrived yet so I looked around for something to shoot while I waited. I could see the orange glow very faintly on the horizon, there was not much light left because the sun had gone down almost an hour before. With nothing else to do I decided to take a couple of shots anyway. I took some horizontal shots and then decided to switch to vertical to emphasise the transition from light to dark, focusing was difficult – it was so dark I had to manually guess the focus on the live view screen of the camera – not an easy task with all the sensor noise the camera was generating!

When I had finished the exposure I was pleasantly surprised! Almost invisible to the naked eye but obvious after a long exposure was the pink, whispy clouds in the centre of the frame, by sheer luck I had composed them beautifully and they helped with my intent for this image – to emphasise the transition from light to dark. They go beautifully against the reflection in the water and the glow on the horizon. This might just be the best image from this shoot and one that I never planned to capture.



East Point Reserve
Darwin, Northern Territory

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