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Wet Season Grass – Rapid Creek NT

Took the Mamiya RB67 out a few weeks ago for a shoot around Rapid Creek in the middle of the day. This is not usually the best light for photography but I was out during a break in storms so there was some nice soft light. There is a lot of lush green grass at this time of year and this section stood out for the ‘tall poppy’ that shines above the rest!

2017-01-04. Rapid Creek NT

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Luck With The Weather At Rapid Creek, Darwin NT.

The weather has been all over the place lately, went out today only to have it rain heavily as soon as I drove out of the house! I was luckier on Tuesday, nice clouds and no rain until after I got home again. Did most of my shooting for that outing on film but here is one I took on my digital camera.

Rapid Creek, Darwin NT. 2017-0010

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Roma, QLD. 2015-0081

As you drive into Roma from Toowoomba there is a small bridge that crosses a creek that would normally be bone dry, but this year two remarkably different weather events conspired to make a normally un-remarkable feature into a stunning Australian landscape. First of all there had been a small fire here, some of the trees and ground had been burnt a few months before but when I drove through enough time had transpired to see some new growth. The second weather event to shape this image is the water. In the day or two prior to taking this shot the water must have been rushing through here and had risen up to where I was standing to take this shot. Thankfully, when I came through it had subsided and presented the scene that you see above. This image is made by digitally stitching multiple images together with some Orton effect thrown in to soften the grass and leaves in the background.

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