I find that once a grand landscape has captivated me for a while I start to discover some of the finer details, complex lines, shapes and colours of the scene. When you focus on them they can become just a grand as the larger scene that they are a part of.

Antarctica – Limited Editions

There are not enough superlatives to describe the beauty of the frozen continent. Few ever get to see it and those who do get but a glimpse of this vast landscape. My Antarctica images are limited editions of 50 prints for each image.


Our cities exude the complexity and chaos that I like to shoot. Despite best efforts to ‘plan’ a city its design will always be shaped by the natural terrain and the activities that its inhabitants undertake. Cities also serve as a monument to the architectural style of the times when it was built – for good or for bad.


The land that we live in is beautiful in many diverse ways, the desert is a complete contrast to a rainforest but each is beautiful in its own way. With the camera I try to select a portion of the vast landscape and capture it at the time that conveys the essence of the environment.

Limited Editions

My finest works of art are limited in edition to just 50 prints. They aren’t available as stock photos and you won’t find them as a postcard or calendar so they represent an excellent investment as well as a stunning piece of art for your home or office.

Ocean Baths

Dotted along the coastline stand these baths, made to tame the ocean and provide a safe place to swim. I am fascinated with their designs as they represent how we interact with the landscape that we live in.

Sky & Weather

The weather is very challenging to photograph, as some kinds of weather are fleeting or pose some level of danger to shoot. I like to show the weather in relation to the landscape as the two are intertwined. The land is shaped by the weather, just as the land shapes the weather.


As well as the wonders that the natural world creates for us, what we have created for ourselves contains great beauty. Most people are too busy to contemplate the beauty of a city, or the scenes may be fleeting. A photograph allows you to stop and ponder the scene for much longer.


The coastline provides the complexity that I crave for my images and one of the things I like most is the way the water movement against the coast, by using a long exposure I can allow the water to paint its path and show how it flows over rocks, against the sand and back out to sea again.


I love the intricate patterns that the water creates as it spills down towards the ocean, the best waterfalls are those that are secluded within a forest. Getting to these falls is also a great adventure, the sound of them can be heard far away but only when you are very close can you see their majesty!