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Antarctica Video

Opps! I totally forgot to post this into the blog!

I took a lot of video in Antarctica so I’ve been trying out my video editing skills to come up with a video of the expedition. Hopefully it shows off a bit more of how stunning it is down there!

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Post Processing

There’s a lot of debate about post-processing or ‘Photoshopping’ of images and with this debate there are a lot of opinions. I don’t mind seeing images where a lot of post-processing has occurred but I prefer to use as little as possible in my own images. I like to be able to say that the images on my site are scenes that really did exist, while I might emphasise different areas of the image I don’t use as much post-processing as others.

I’ve put together a really comprehensive video showing what I do to my images, the process I show in this video is the same as the one that I use for every image. No secrets, no tricks, it’s what I do and I’m proud enough to make it public.

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