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Expanding On Social Media

I’m getting my act together, joining the 21st century and making sure I have a bigger presence on social media. I’d resisted some sites before but I’m starting to see their worth and I now have an idea of what I might do on each of these sites. The share buttons on my blog are now up to date so here is a list of what I contribute to and why:

I’m going to start using Instagram for behind the scenes photos of me on location and editing. I might even throw up a few draft edits of pictures that I have captured but not yet processed – Instagram filters might be a good way to disguise the final product 🙂

What I’m reading and quick links to posts that I’ve made on other sites. I read a lot of blogs and photography news sites so when an article gets my interest I’ll share it so you can get an idea of what inspires me and what I use to improve my work.

New image releases and links to blog posts will go up here, Facebook is ubiquitous now so this will mostly be my own work up here (I’ll leave link sharing to Twitter) that way if you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that you will just be seeing my work.

What I like about 500px is the high quality contributions of the community there. I go there more to get inspiration rather than to contribute, my images do get posted there so follow me if you want to use 500px for you own inspiration!

This community is so large I think I could just post there and forget about everything else!

Use the links above or the icons to the right to follow me on any of these sites, if you want to leave your own social media profile links below I will return a follow as well. Is there any other sites that you think that I should be contributing to?

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