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Bar Beach

2006 doesn’t seem that long ago, but after looking back through some old files I found this gem of an image.¬†With a much easier job and no kids to take up much of my time and energy I was able to get out to shoot the sunrise every month with my trusty old Canon 300D. The relatively low 6 mega pixels, high sensor noise and narrow dynamic range of the 300D seem so antiquated when I edit the files now but when you have a clear vision for the image and you take it using the proper technique the tools you use become far less important to the final output.

Bar Beach - Newcastle, NSW Australia. 2006-0746

Bar Beach – Newcastle, NSW Australia. 2006-0746

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It’s one of the first images that I took with a digital camera and the second oldest image in my galleries. I took this shot of Newcastle Baths in 2005 with my then-new Canon 300D. 6 megapixels was a big deal back then but when I use the camera now (yes it’s 10 years old and still works!) I can feel how much camera technology have improved in that short amount of time. Modern cameras fire up instantly but the 300D even took about 5 seconds to turn on!

Newcastle, NSW. 2004-0004

Newcastle, NSW. 2004-0004

I was still able to take some great images with it and over the years I have been able to tweak the processing a few times to improve them a lot. However, when I took this image I didn’t understand how to expose it properly so it came out under exposed. The effect of this was to capture the really saturated pink hue of the Newcastle sky before sunrise. If I had exposed it correctly I wouldn’t have gotten the same effect. Over the years I have played with the tones to get a softer transition from pink to purple and I have removed the ships from some versions of the image. A queue of coal ships was a feature of the Newcastle skyline for some years so I have left them in for accuracy. I often ponder the people on those ships and what they felt when they saw this sunrise?

If you would like to purchase a print or canvas of this image please contact me through the contact page.

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