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Antarctica Gear

In two weeks time I’ll be sailing the Antarctica peninsular, camera in hand capturing the beauty of the bottom on the world! It’s a lifelong dream to do so and to say I’m excited doesn’t quite describe my feelings!

I’ve spent that last month busily preparing for the trip so I thought I’d do a post on the gear that I’m taking but this won’t be about the cameras and lenses I’m taking – I might do a post of that later but for now I’ll tell you what I’ve bought to make life easier when I’m there.

#1 Rainsleeves


My cameras are weather sealed but there’s still a good risk that rain and sea spray will get onto the camera in large quantities so I need some external protection. I found some really expensive solutions but these are smaller, simpler and cheaper – $10 for a two pack off eBay. All you do is put the camera inside the bag, tie the drawstring around the lens then put the pre-designed hole over the viewfinder. Now you can put your hand inside the bag to operate it. Simple, light and cheap – perfect!

#2 Glacier Gloves

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.57.40 PM

A bit of an experiment, I’ve got ski gloves for when it’s really cold but you need to take them off to do some things with the camera. The tour company recommended these, they are neoprene on the outside and have a fur lining on the inside so they are waterproof and pretty warm. The thumb and index fingers can be bent back and secured to the back of the glove with velcro when you need those finger. These should be great for zodiac rides which might get pretty wet, let’s hope they are warm enough.

#3 Cloths

Lots of them, water on the lens will ruin a photo and I reckon I might need a lot of these.

#4 External Hard Drive

I’ll be taking my laptop to copy all my images onto and it has plenty of hard drive space but what if something were to happen to it on the way back? I don’t want to go all that way to have my laptop stolen or damaged and losing my images. Everything will get backed up to the external drive and the laptop and external disk will take different routes home. My kit is insured and can be replaced, the images however…

#5 Avomine

For the delightful seas of the Drake Passage…

I hope our trip isn’t that rough!

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