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Canvas Prints Now Available!

My images are now available as Stretched Canvas prints!

I have held off printing on canvas for a while now, I wasn’t confident selling them until I found someone who could do a really professional job printing them. Now that the search is over I can offer my images on canvas, this is very popular and I can understand why. Some of the great things about canvas prints are:
– They have a nice ‘texture’ to them
– No glass that can make reflections which obscure the image
– They look like they ‘float’ on the wall, and
– You can get a BIG ready to hang image for a great price.

When you take framing costs into account, canvas is really good value compared to traditional prints. You get an image that is ready to hang in sizes that will suit any space. The difference is that canvas doesn’t quite have the dynamic range of regular photo paper so the dark areas of the image won’t be as dark as a photo print. Is this a problem? Not really, everything is a matter of taste which is why I offer both! Take a look at the results…


That’s a small one!

These prints are made on a top quality inkjet printer using a quality canvas, after the print is made it is coated to make it water resistant and so that it won’t crack when it is stretched. The print is then stretched over wooden bars, the edges are done in a ‘mirror wrap’ so that a portion of the image is not lost on the edges. The results speak for themselves:



The last piece is some soft feet on the corners so that the image sits nicely on the wall.


These prints look great and are a stunning addition to any room, you can order directly from the galleries or send me a message on Facebook,┬ádon’t forget to ‘Like’ my page for updates and special offers!

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